PTC - FlexPLM - 6 yrs



  • Coding and competing on online programming sites like Code chef, SPOJ, Code forces.

  • Performing technical things like ROBO making for certain competitions.

  • Hiking, trekking are also those things which i like most to do.

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C, C++, Java, Shell scripting, SQL, HTML, CSS ,  Java Script, PHP,  Windows, LINUX, UNIX, AWS Server. DotNet (ASP.NET), SSMS, Oracle SQL Developer, ACL. Adobe photoshop, Microsoft office.,  AWS (EC2, S3, SFTP, EFS, EBS), AZURE


Cloud PLM system setup of multiple clients with Windchill, ThingWorx. - Manufacturing Industry

    • Front End: AWS, AZURE

    • Backend: Oracle, SQL Server

    • Description: Here we build a full system for multiple clients over cloud such as AWS, AZURE. Basically, we setup, install, configure and deploy our PLM product over cloud for better performance of Software for clients and a hardware friendly environment. Currently working on all new technology such as IOT, AR. We have ThingWorx software that allows users to have AR 3D view of their drawing, objects etc.


  • Completed 2020-2021 FY with highest achiever in delivering solutions and got promoted to Senior position.

  • Highest performer in each quarter to deliver most solutions for clients in wide area of products.

  • Excellence award for performing best in quarter (FY20Q1, FY20Q3, FY20Q4, FY21Q2, FY21Q3) in PTC.

  • Certified in Azure Fundamental AZ-900 by Microsoft, 2020.

  • Certified in MTA (Software Development) and MOS by Microsoft.

  • Certified in Visual Studio from DUCAT, India.

  • Secured 2nd position in Robo soccer of Renaissence,2014 held in Delhi College of Eng.

  • Secured 4th position in zonal round of Robo Tryst-2014, at PDM College of Eng.

  • (Organized by Robosapiens Technologies Pvt. Ltd in association with Tryst-2014, IIT Delhi)

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